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Your generous support invigorates the Shared Voices initiative and allows us to plan more immersive experiences for our HBCU and music conservatory cohorts. Thank you for your donation!

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The programs of the Denyce Graves Foundation (DGF) promote equity and inclusion in American classical vocal arts by championing the hidden musical figures of the past while uplifting young artists of world-class talent from all backgrounds and preparing them for a realigned future.

Shared Voices, DGF’s initiative to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, invites elite historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and conservatories to participate in a relationship that strives to create and encourage meaningful connections between consortium members – students, faculty, and administrators – that result in a greater awareness of the diversity within the classical vocal arts and culminate in a meaningful collaboration.

Hidden Voices uncovers and celebrates the contributions of our nation’s outstanding musicians of color whose achievements are not widely known but have an important place in our evolving American cultural identity.

Generations addresses the often missed vulnerability in the careers of emerging artists; offering mentorships, advocacy, and access to top industry professionals, preparing these singers to take ownership of their career trajectories.

Through strategic partnerships and cross-industry alignments, DGF champions extensive research, world-class educational outreach, and freshly imagined commissioned works of art to commemorate the lives and accomplishments of historic artists long overlooked.

DGF’s philanthropic commitment brings awareness to projects aligning with its mission and core beliefs. In 2021, DGF raised money and awareness for the house that once served as Mary Cardwell Dawson’s National Negro Opera House; resulting in funding and pledges of over $6.5M and a partnership for future program development with the Pittsburgh Opera.